Dare yourself to something great?

This is my blog to document the things I've done in the name of happiness. 

Someone new

Food hybrids such as cookie sandwich, cronut and sushi burrito are gratifying treats that answer to our indecisiveness and greed when it comes to food cravings. Can't decide on which? You can have both, plus the calories. Combining the best of both worlds has always been an ideal approach to solve problem. Not only you see them in food you see them in other realms too. Electric skate scooter and smart phones are evidences to human's evolution in problem solving. But as humans get smarter and more competent, problems naturally too: they can merge to further complicate. I guess the sluggish economy might be one of the best examples because it is hinged onto several factors. But as this problem snowballs, there seems to be a diminishing chance to find a solution. 

We shall hold that thought first.  

We turn our focus to the on-going U.S presidential election that is blurring the lines between politics and entertainment. Trump, being the front runner for the Republicans, is creating much controversy and attention with his campaign. The Atlantic questioned if Trump's run for presidency should be categorised under "news" or "entertainment"? It may feel like an reenactment of The Apprentice to watch him debate on TV. In fact, it could just be perceived as a reality show with less choreographed "moves" and predictability.

I don't like Trump. But if I have to credit him for something, it may be his venture into politics. His foray and folly are reshaping how we perceive politicians. It may be too early to tell if he will win the race to the White House and be a highly regarded president, but one thing we know for sure is his victory (so far) proves Americans are (possibly) tired of politicians running the country. Maybe they believe it is time for someone else to do the job?

This brings me to the crux of my thought: does that signify the emergence of cross discipline venture and how it will be the solution to problems? It is definitely not a new thought but it is definitely getting more prevalent.  Think entertainer turned politician or designer turned data analyst, having a fresh pair of eyes may shed light on long standing problems and challenges. In fact, universities are coming up with graduates programmes to encourage such training. When a working adult is educated and trained by a specific industry, he is wired a certain way. When presented with a new environment, he looks at it with a new perspectives, often eliminating blind spots that hinder progress. Newly conceived roles such as data visualisers who make sense out of numbers through shapes and colours or brand journalists who story tell for companies to engage the audience are just some of the examples of this phenomenon. 

You may argue most politicians are lawyers or economists to begin with. I believe cross-discipline venture may yield the best result if the switch is from two radically different grounds. It could be sort of a left to right brain switch. Let's take data visualiser as an example. This profession sees a trend of designers and marketeers migrating to the I.T. sector to analyse data. This job marries the analytical mind of a designer to interpret data in a visual way to the audience. Unlike statisticians or economist, they depict trends from numbers in a different way. Designers may be able to see a different pattern in the data and tell a different story. 

 Data visualising

Data visualising

I believe the future is about synergy and how lending/borrowing intelligence to achieve more. The idea of cross-discipline venture requires one different mind to look at the same situation. The #MakeDinnertimeMatter campaign by Master Foods is a fine example of how a new mindset change the whole picture.   

Same question, different mindsets.

Maybe what we need is not someone smarter but someone new to think of the solutions...

Beaten but not fallen.

I measure my body fat level every Saturday. It sort of wraps up the week for me and acts as an indication if my diet and fitness routine are on track. There will be weeks you adhered closely to the plan and results showed. But there were times you thought you did fine but the machine told you otherwise. That will be when you feel extremely beaten.

You start wondering if there's really something as "genetically gifted". Are some people meant to be physically "better" than others. I was a fat kid and thought I would be like any other overweight adult. Army proved me wrong and showed me the possibilities. This is when I will dismiss the thought of "genetically gifted" and get back to the drawing board.

Not to over philosophize or scientize anything, this fitness journey made me learn one simple fact in life - as long you didn't give your best shot, it's too early to call it quits. 

If it is one percent up despite all your hard work then there must be something wrong you did. Troubleshoot and get it solved. 

ok, I just need to pen it down to serve as a reminder. You did well...

 Too early to call it quits... 

Too early to call it quits...