Dare yourself to something great?

This is my blog to document the things I've done in the name of happiness. 

An art odyssey

A closely-knitted group of school friends is hard to come by. Friends we knew in school are different from those we knew at work places or through other means. We were, and I hope, simpler during the school days. We grew up in the same environment and witnessed the growth and development over the years. And I'm grateful to have my group of school friends that is close to my heart. And it has never came across my mind to start a business venture with this group of friends till recent.

I'm someone who enjoy thinking of ideas – ideas that engage people, generate revenue, excite sense or even to irritate people (LOL). And these ideas excite me even more if they can help people around me. To cut the story short, I've thought of an idea that will help friends around me.

It will be hard to talk about my life without mentioning CK (and a lot other people too). CK is an accomplished graphic designer who has a talent for painting. He has done art exhibitions and hope to continue in the future. However, his previous experience wasn't pleasant. Hence I'm been thinking of ideas how to materialise it. 

I met up with my secondary school pals and conjured an idea to make CK's next exhibition a reality. Apart from helping CK, this allows me to start a new business venture with this group of friends I'm very dear to. 

I will talk more about this new business venture in future postings.

The takeaway for me is that while you help others, you actually create more opportunities to be happy. It delights me when I pull friends closer together and see dreams materialise one after another. I'm keeping finger crossed this new idea will take off.


While preparing this blog, Fiona gets to see it because of some IT glitches! (I'm intending to keep it under wraps for a while) and this inspires her to set hers too! Hurray!