Dare yourself to something great?

This is my blog to document the things I've done in the name of happiness. 

Beaten but not fallen.

I measure my body fat level every Saturday. It sort of wraps up the week for me and acts as an indication if my diet and fitness routine are on track. There will be weeks you adhered closely to the plan and results showed. But there were times you thought you did fine but the machine told you otherwise. That will be when you feel extremely beaten.

You start wondering if there's really something as "genetically gifted". Are some people meant to be physically "better" than others. I was a fat kid and thought I would be like any other overweight adult. Army proved me wrong and showed me the possibilities. This is when I will dismiss the thought of "genetically gifted" and get back to the drawing board.

Not to over philosophize or scientize anything, this fitness journey made me learn one simple fact in life - as long you didn't give your best shot, it's too early to call it quits. 

If it is one percent up despite all your hard work then there must be something wrong you did. Troubleshoot and get it solved. 

ok, I just need to pen it down to serve as a reminder. You did well...

 Too early to call it quits... 

Too early to call it quits...